The Trade Association

The Cement Kiln Recycling Coalition (CKRC) is a Washington, D.C. based association representing member companies that operate facilities throughout the United States. Members include cement companies that recover energy from alternative fuels derived from secondary materials, companies involved in the collection, processing, management, and marketing of such fuels for use in cement kilns, as well as professional consultants and companies which provide services to the industry.

Each year, the United States generates millions of tons of secondary materials that have significant energy value.  To recover this energy and avoid the unnecessary disposal of it without any corresponding benefit, the cement industry uses several million tons per year of these materials as alternative fuel, which replaces non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal.

CKRC members have adopted an Environmental Policy Statement committing themselves to conduct their businesses in a manner protective of human health and the environment by following a comprehensive set of principles, which include:

  • Implementation of waste management practices in accordance with advances in technology; and commitment to the implementation of optimal practices applicable to each plant in the handling and use of alternative fuels and materials.
  • Reduction and, where practical, elimination of waste through source reduction and recycling.
  • Development and implementation of standards for the responsible management of cement kiln dust generated by cement manufacturing operations.
  • Support for appropriate regulations and permit provisions related to the processing, storage and burning of alternative fuels and materials that are protective of human health and the environment.
  • Development and maintenance of an atmosphere of openness between the industry and the local community; and support of a policy that assures public access to relevant data and information.
  • Support for the timely creation of generally accepted environmental evaluation procedures.
  • Support for the efforts of impartial researchers in investigating the environmental health and safety of waste management, cement kiln operations and combustion engineering.